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Five Questions That Will Help You Select A Lawyer

  • If you or a loved one faces criminal charges in Northwest Indiana, the consequences can be severe. Whether you need a lawyer for DUI defense or you face a more serious violent crime or drug charge, the outcome of your case can impact your family and your future. The most important decision you make is the attorney you select to represent you, but finding the right criminal defense attorney can be challenging. We help people and families in Northwest Indiana with all felonies and misdemeanors. You may have received marketing materials from several lawyers who are eager to take your case.
  • Here are five important questions that will help you narrow the field:
    1. Is the lawyer experienced?
    2. Does the lawyer focus on criminal defense?
    3. Has the lawyer established a significant record of successfully representing individuals in misdemeanor and felony cases?
    4. Has the lawyer taken cases to trial and won, or does he or she tend to settle cases even when it may not be in a client’s best interest?
    5. Will the lawyer who is featured in the marketing material handle your case or will someone who is less experienced handle it?
  • At the office of Robert J. Varga, Attorney at Law, I aggressively protect my clients’ rights en route to achieving the best possible outcome, which is our top priority. I work hard to bring my cases to an efficient and successful resolution, and I have years of litigation experience in taking the tough cases to trial.
  • I also am an experienced personal injury lawyer. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, I can advocate on your behalf to recover compensation for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and more. No matter how often they say they do, insurance companies do not always look out for your best interests. Put an experienced personal injury attorney on your side.
  • Having established my firm in 2002, I have fought for my clients as a litigator and trial attorney throughout Northwest Indiana. By aggressively defending my clients’ rights, I am committed to getting the best possible result in each and every case I handle.


Criminal Law

An experienced and effective criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a prison sentence and reduced or dismissed charges. At the Munster, Indiana, law office of Robert J. Varga, Attorney at Law, criminal and drunk driving defense are what I do.

  • Traffic Tickets / Offenses


  • CDL Offenses

  • Munster Assault and Battery

  • Drug Possession /Drug Offenses

  • Weapons Crimes

  • Theft/Conversion

  • Robbery/Burglary

  • Sexual Assault/Rape

  • Juvenile Crimes

  • Felony/Misdemeanor

  • Expungement/Record Clearing

  • White Collar Crimes

  • Sex Crimes / Offenses

  • License Suspension / Specialized Driving Privileges

Attorney Profile

  • I am Robert J. Varga, a criminal defense attorney who has served clients throughout Northwest Indiana for more than 20 years. I was born and raised in Northwest Indiana and graduated from Valparaiso University School of Law.
  • I have successfully represented clients in a wide range of cases, from simple traffic matters and misdemeanors to serious felony cases, including murder. I have also litigated personal injury matters throughout northern Indiana, and I have taken cases before the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana.
  • When I opened my own law firm in 2002, I committed myself to providing highly personalized legal representation at affordable rates. I understand the serious implications that every criminal charge poses. While I always attempt to resolve a case as efficiently as possible, I never cut corners at the expense of the final outcome.
  • To find out more about my education and work history, click on the link below.

Robert J. Varga

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