Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery Lawyer

  • Battery is one of the most common charges encountered in Lake County and Porter County courts. Assault charges stem from a variety of altercations, including domestic disputes, fights in bars, road rage incidents and altercations with police.
  • The fact that battery charges are common does not mean that you can take them lightly. If you have been charged with assault of any kind, you face a possible jail sentence and a permanent criminal record that can have long-term consequences on your career and family life.
  • At the Munster, Indiana, office of Robert J. Varga, Attorney at Law, I offer experienced criminal defense against assault and battery charges. I begin every case by listening carefully to your information and reviewing every detail of police reports, statements and any evidence that exists. My hands-on approach means you are apprised of where your case stands and the options available to you.

Domestic Assault Defense Attorney Serving Hammond

  • Depending on the strength of your case, we can plan to go to trial or work to get charges reduced in pretrial negotiations. If your arrest stems from a domestic dispute, you may also face a "no contact" order. This prevents an accused person from going near the alleged victim and his or her home, place of employment or any other places specified in the order. It also can prevent you from seeing your children. Domestic battery cases can also result in losing your right to keep and bear firearms. With so much at stake, you want an experienced trial attorney fighting for your rights.
  • I provide aggressive and comprehensive defense against assault and battery charges. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. If you have questions for an assault and battery attorney, contact us to schedule a free consultation. I will review the facts of your case and advise you how to proceed toward the best result.