Crown Point Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you looking at a legal battle? An effective criminal defense attorney with experience can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. We understand the stress you’re under as well as your needs, and will work hard to get your charged dropped or reduced. We’ll also work to help you avoid receiving a prison sentence.

We’re passionate when it comes to defending the rights of those accused in Crown Point, IN, as well as the Northwest Indiana region in general.

Crown Point, IN OWI/DUI – Traffic Ticket and Drunk Driving / Violations Attorney

Our experienced attorneys help families and other individuals with DUI/OWI traffic violations, traffic offenses, and traffic tickets through all of Northwest Indiana.

Unlike other criminal defense lawyers, I’m willing to take a case to trial when I believe it will benefit my client. Too many attorneys are all too happy to take a plea deal just to wrap up the case and move on, even if that’s not in the best interest of their client.

An experienced litigator, I’m always ready to take the fight for your rights to court if pretrial negotiations don’t yield a fair deal.

Driver’s License Suspension Attorney in Crown Point – Northwest Indiana

I’m happy to offer an effective defense throughout the Northwest Indiana region. I’m also able to represent individuals who are arrested or receive tickets in Indiana, even if they are not a resident.

I work to protect the rights of people who face a variety of charges, including:

If you’re looking at criminal charges, you need to speak with an attorney experienced in criminal defense near Crown Point, IN or anywhere throughout Northwest Indiana. Contact Robert J. Varga to schedule your free consultation! Weekend and evening appointments are available by appointment.