Drug Possession /Drug Offenses

Munster Drug Offense Lawyer

  • Law enforcement authorities in Indiana are aggressively prosecuting drug crimes throughout the state. If you have been arrested and charged with a drug offense, you need an equally aggressive defense attorney.
  • At the Munster-based office of Robert J. Varga, Attorney at Law, I have helped a number of clients defend themselves against a variety of drug-related charges in municipal and state courts throughout northwest Indiana.
  • I begin my review of every case with a careful examination of arrest records to see if your constitutional rights have been violated. I determine whether search and seizure of the drugs allegedly involved was legal, and I work to make sure that evidence illegally obtained against you is excluded from your case at trial. I also look into other options such as reducing the potential punishment exposure by negotiating plea agreements through cooperation and other trial mitigation.

Hammond Drug Possession Attorney

  • I have helped individuals who have been charged with a variety of drug crimes. I offer a free initial consultation and can answer your questions on any of these topics:
    • Controlled substances offenses
    • Marijuana offenses
    • Drug dealing cases
    • Drug possession cases
    • Possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia
    • School zone and public park offenses
    • Prescription drug charges
  • Retaining the services of an experienced attorney is especially important if you've been accused of an enhanced drug charge. A conviction could seriously impact all aspects of your life, including your job and your freedom. Do not put your future in the hands of a lawyer who is inexperienced in handling drug-related offenses.
  • Contact us to schedule an appointment with a drug offense attorney who will protect your rights.